Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning Story Specials

Chinese Studies

For Chinese Studies I think I have learned a lot. Even though I came in the middle I am starting to get better and improve. I am very happy to learn. Learning Chinese is very fun. The problem is learning something totally new is hard. We have learneed clothing and the whether. My teacher is very nice and helps me to improve. I am happy to go to a school where there is Chinese.


Art has been hard for me. I am not that good of an artist, but it is fun to do. I have learned to draw apes and use my fingers to measure where to put things on my face such as eyes, ,mouths, etc. In the beginning its hard the you learn. My favorite thing so far is the G.A.P. which is the great ape portraits. We got a bunch of equipment, gel markers, chalk, oil pastels. We used them to create shades and made colorful apes. I enjoy doing any type of art.


Music has been amazing. I loved playing the xylophones. We most lessons listen to music and then comment on it depending how the different voices made a very interesting song. The song that we listened to was Wade In The Water. It was a sing used to tell the slaves when they escaped from their masters wade in the water to take away your scent. However that is false. We did things mostly related to our Civil War Unit. I love the class. Ms. Webster also tells us too go on Music Ace to practice our learning in music. It has been a very fun subject.


Physical education has been really fun. The first lesson we went roller-blading. It was nice to roll around. I haven't done that in a long time so it was fun. We also did gymnastics I was surprised that I could flip on the bars. We also did some exercises they were very fun but enjoyable. The best thing Mr. Billington said was to be safe when we did it.The P.E. class has been amazing and I really enjoy it.


For counseling we learned about the brain and how we learn differently. THe brain has to sides the left and the right. The right is how creative you are and the left is how you do in math and other mental things. It has been fun to learn what side of our brain was. I really like having to do counseling.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Story of Learning


I feel that the goals that that I selected will help me in 6th grade. These goals are to focus, and work harder. The reason why I picked these to is that there are always distractions. I feel that I get to distracted and that if I can focus more it will be a lot easier for me to finish my work. If I can accomplish this I can keep it as a life long habit.


My great successes this year in fifth grade is math. One of my accomplishments is that math in school is very easy for me and I am proud of that. My biggest challenges this year is the Stanford tests. The Stanford's are quite easy but there is so much stress that its hard to do it. I have overcome this challenge by just trying me best. I mean if you try your hardest you can succeed maybe not in the test but in your heart. I think my responsibility has improved a lot from the beginning of the school year I think I improved 9/10. I have always been good with cooperation so I don't really think I have improved. I think the same for collaboration I have always been good with this so I don't think I have improved. My study habits have definitely improved from the beginning. I think they have improved a sturdy 9/10. This I should say is another accomplishment. I think I have definitley improved more this year than any other year.