Monday, March 8, 2010

Story of Learning


I feel that the goals that that I selected will help me in 6th grade. These goals are to focus, and work harder. The reason why I picked these to is that there are always distractions. I feel that I get to distracted and that if I can focus more it will be a lot easier for me to finish my work. If I can accomplish this I can keep it as a life long habit.


My great successes this year in fifth grade is math. One of my accomplishments is that math in school is very easy for me and I am proud of that. My biggest challenges this year is the Stanford tests. The Stanford's are quite easy but there is so much stress that its hard to do it. I have overcome this challenge by just trying me best. I mean if you try your hardest you can succeed maybe not in the test but in your heart. I think my responsibility has improved a lot from the beginning of the school year I think I improved 9/10. I have always been good with cooperation so I don't really think I have improved. I think the same for collaboration I have always been good with this so I don't think I have improved. My study habits have definitely improved from the beginning. I think they have improved a sturdy 9/10. This I should say is another accomplishment. I think I have definitley improved more this year than any other year.

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